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My name is John Collick and I’m running for the Republican nomination for Congress in Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District.  This district is large, covering Newport News, (part of) Hampton, Norfolk, Portsmouth, (part of) Chesapeake, (part of) Suffolk, Isle of Wight, and Franklin, with a diverse population and has the biggest employer in the region; the Newport News Shipyard.  Soon, it will also have a very large Amazon warehouse facility.

The District is growing and changing. We need to change with it.

We need to ensure our children are ready to enter the workforce if they decide not to go to college after high school.  We need to ensure anyone who works a fulltime job can earn a very good salary. We need to ensure that nobody loses their entire life savings due to a medical condition of themselves of family members.

We also need to ensure that every citizen’s Constitutional Rights are protected and that anyone who infringes on them is subject to be charged for violating the victims’ civil rights. This includes a legislature that passes unconstitutional laws.

Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram.  If you agree with my positions; you’re in favor of term limits, you want equal opportunities for all Americans, and want to keep the Constitution intact, please contribute to my campaign.  If everyone who supports my candidacy would consider donating $20, $30, $50, $100, $1,000 or even the maximum is $2,800, we could match Bobby Scott’s advertising efforts. Make no mistake about it, the Leftist organizations ARE giving him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I look forward to meeting all the citizens of the 3rd Congressional District and will be happy to answer any and every question asked during any public appearance in the District. I will also accept invitations to speak to any group.

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